New Star Wars Books

Having not decided yet if I want to continue reading the Star Wars EU books, I did find that Cenev over at Yoda’s Datapad has updated his list with the newest editions of both the new universe and what they are now calling  the ‘Legends’ books.
Aftermath: Star Wars has some really bad reviews, although I think I might grab it and give it a try.  At the time of this post it is 2 months until the Episode 7 movie debuts, so I am somewhat in the mood for a prequel book.

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New Plan

I need a new plan because I’ve lost interest in this Star Wars book venture, since Disney has decided to piss on the entire SWEU.

I had had an idea a while back about picking up Biographies on all of our Presidents in the U.S.  I bought books for George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, our first 3 Presidents, and they are still on my shelf at home.  I might start diving into these soon.

I also found this list, which is interesting:

I can claim to have read 4 books on this list, to date.  Most, if not all, of them look like excellent reads, so I might go that route also.

More to follow….

Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel

200px-ShatterpointfrontcoverThis was a GREAT book.  The story starts with a bang and keeps you going all the way to the end.  I thought it got a bit overly detailed, which slowed it down for me a bit, towards the last couple of chapters when they were talking about the ships and guns they carried.  It seems like the author was just wasting time with detailed description.  He could have cut that part completely out and it wouldn’t have taken anything away from the story at all.  But this is my only real complaint, and it didn’t last too long, so it doesn’t have much of an effect.

We are able to learn about Mac Windu’s past in this book; where he came from and how he got chosen to be a Jedi by Yoda.  We also see some foreshadowing of things to come with the Rise of the Empire, the fall of the Jedi, and some grayed out details of Anakin Skywalker.

I believe this book is a good addition to the Clone Wars storyline, but it would also be a good stand alone tale if the reader wasn’t interested in reading any of the other novels around this one.

I’ve already started the next book in line, Republic Commando: Triple Zero.  I’m planning to tear through these Clone Wars novels and make my way to the next period in the complete EU.  Be watching for my next updates.

Star Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact

To date, this is the first book in the Clone Wars Novels series, save the earlier ones I wrote about which are related to the Cartoon Network TV Series.  While those books are good, there Hard_Contact_Coverare (as of yet) unexplained situations, characters, etc that only happen in that Cartoon Series and nowhere else.  Refer to my post here for more info:
After having read the 5 Clone Wars novels which directly relate to the TV  Series, which I really enjoyed by the way, I was happy to get into the more cannon-like novels which dealt with direct relations to the movies.  This book takes place right after Episode 2 and deals with Clone Troopers, who are Special Forces called, in squads of 4 soldiers.  We get to see how the Clone act, interact, and deal with war.  In reality, this novel was much like the TV Series, along with it’s set of novels, so the continuity was appealing.   This book is also related to a video came which came out during this timeline, but I am not familiar with the game itself.  However, I don’t think anything was missing for my lack of knowledge of the game; the book itself stands alone as a good story.
The overall story was also very good. It didn’t directly relate to anything we saw in the movies, but it did relate to the Clone Wars themselves.  The characters in this book we haven’t seen before; from the Clone Troopers themselves, to the Jedi Master and Padawan that take part in the story, all the way up to the “bad guys”  No one familiar.  But that is alright, it doesn’t take away from the story at all, in my opinion.
I’m looking forward to the remaining books in the Republic Commando series, culminating in the title Imperial Commando: 501st.  At the date of this post, the Commando Series of novels are as follows.  These do not include the novels sub-titled ‘A Clone Wars Novel’ on the covers, but they are intertwined in the same timeline as these books:
I wouldn’t mind seeing about half a dozen more of these books, but time will tell.

Wolverine: Election Day

Wolverine: Election Day

I read this book a few months ago because I was starting to get excited about the new Wolverine movie that dropped this year. This book was a good read, but it was nothing special. No great insights or revelations happen here, it is just a good Wolverine story that ties in as a sort-of “episode” in the Wolverine series. It is a fast-paced and easy read, and would be enjoyed by any true Wolverine fan.
I did end up buying some other Wolverine novels while reading this book because I enjoy Logan’s history and story so much. I’m looking forward to Wolverine: Weapon Xmost of all.


Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void

This book takes place about 26,000 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY), or about 10,000 years after the Tho Yor Arrival (TYA).  I had to look up what the Tho Yor Arrival was, and I found a good article on Wookipedia here.  The STar Wars expandedvoid Universe has written a whole new era to the saga, which I think started off very well.

We follow Je’daii Ranger Lanoree Brock and her brother Dalien Brock as they grow up on Tython with Je’daii parents and are raised by their parents to use and trust The Force.  This is a different type of lifestyle than we are used to seeing with the modern Republic-Era Jedi.

The history of both the Despot Wars and the Force Wars is also interesting, I read the Wookipedia pages on these while I was reading this book because it kept referring to events that I had no frame of reference to.  Realize also that I don’t typically read comic books.  From what I understand, much of this story is written out in the Graphic Novels and Comics that center around the Dawn of the Jedi, but at the time of reading this novel, I hadn’t yet read any of the comics.  I think I might pickup a couple of the first comics in the series to see if I enjoy them.

I don’t think I want to dive into the story itself in this review, because for me the most interesting part of this book was the history both in and around it.  I liked reading about the arrival of Force-sensitives on the planet Tython (during TYA), the wars the separated the Force users from the non-Force users (Despot War) and then the battles that separated the light side from the dark side Force users (Force Wars).  This is an entire new saga/era that the author and publishers have opened to us readers and I think it has great potential.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a large number of books and series from this timeline in the Star Wars Universe.

If you are a Star Wars fan and you like the lore behind all of these movies and the current books, you will like this book.  It isn’t a book for children either, there are some dark themes and dark scenes in the book, which keep the reader on seat’s edge for most of the read.  I tweeted the author @timlebbon and he replied to me with a “thank you”.  It is nice when authors reply to tweets, which doesn’t always happen, but I tend more to follow the ones who do.