Reading Schedule

I wrote this page and titled it “Jason’s Reading Schedule” so that I could track the books I’m reading; when I start them and how long it takes to finish them. I’m also practicing reading multiple books at a time, although I usually focus on just one but might have 1-2 others on the back-burner that I pickup and read a chapter from, then and now.

Update for 2016:  I’m back into reading, after having taken the year of 2015 off, for the most part.  I did pickup a couple of books here and there, but nothing in abundance. I’m also keeping my active reads on Goodreads now, you can follow this link.  I’m going to maintain this list on this page, though; since it has dates on it that I enjoy going back to at a later date.



2016 Timeline

2014 Timeline:

  • Finished March 15 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Cestus Deception
  • March 15 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Medstar 1, Battle Surgeons
  • April 22 – June 17 – The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast

2013 Timeline:

2012 Timeline:

Early 2012: