VLOG Chapter 2; Daredevil Novels and Netflix Series

Two of the most recent books I’ve read involve Daredevil from the Marvel Universe.  I became a fan of Daredevil pretty late in the game, thanks to the Marvel TV Series that depicts the character in a very dark and gritty drama.

The two books can be found at the following links:

Daredevil: Predator’s Smile

Daredevil: The Cutting Edge

Daredevil is probably my favorite show on TV right now, ANY TV.  I read these books and they nicely fall in-line with the current show, though completely stand-alone and set later in the timeline after the events of the show.  So they don’t have anything to do with the show, but they also don’t contradict it.  I thought it was a nice segway.

I expect I will be doing several videos about the different Netflix TV shows that involve Marvel comic characters.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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