Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Yoda – Dark Rendezvous

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Yoda – Dark Rendezvous

Yoda – Dark Rendezvous – This Book tells a bit of the back-story behind Yoda and Count Dooku, Dooku being a former Padawan of Yoda’s.  This is a good addition to the Clone Wars novels, and foreshadows some of the scenes we see in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.

I also enjoyed that Asaaj Ventress was in this book.  Up until now, I have not read any books that included her, with the exception of the books that follow the Clone Wars TV Show.  As I understand it, she dies towards to end of the TV show, which is why we never see her in the movies.  I’ll be interested in following her storyline up until then.

Yoda - Reading Rookie

This book kept me entertained and I read through the entire story in about 4 days, which is fast for me.  I’m enjoying this storyline and I am looking forward to finishing the Clone Wars books, then moving into the New Canon books, as described at Yoda’s Data Pad.

Onward to the new adventures…

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