Star Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact

To date, this is the first book in the Clone Wars Novels series, save the earlier ones I wrote about which are related to the Cartoon Network TV Series.  While those books are good, there Hard_Contact_Coverare (as of yet) unexplained situations, characters, etc that only happen in that Cartoon Series and nowhere else.  Refer to my post here for more info:
After having read the 5 Clone Wars novels which directly relate to the TV  Series, which I really enjoyed by the way, I was happy to get into the more cannon-like novels which dealt with direct relations to the movies.  This book takes place right after Episode 2 and deals with Clone Troopers, who are Special Forces called, in squads of 4 soldiers.  We get to see how the Clone act, interact, and deal with war.  In reality, this novel was much like the TV Series, along with it’s set of novels, so the continuity was appealing.   This book is also related to a video came which came out during this timeline, but I am not familiar with the game itself.  However, I don’t think anything was missing for my lack of knowledge of the game; the book itself stands alone as a good story.
The overall story was also very good. It didn’t directly relate to anything we saw in the movies, but it did relate to the Clone Wars themselves.  The characters in this book we haven’t seen before; from the Clone Troopers themselves, to the Jedi Master and Padawan that take part in the story, all the way up to the “bad guys”  No one familiar.  But that is alright, it doesn’t take away from the story at all, in my opinion.
I’m looking forward to the remaining books in the Republic Commando series, culminating in the title Imperial Commando: 501st.  At the date of this post, the Commando Series of novels are as follows.  These do not include the novels sub-titled ‘A Clone Wars Novel’ on the covers, but they are intertwined in the same timeline as these books:
I wouldn’t mind seeing about half a dozen more of these books, but time will tell.

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