Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gambit: Siege

Siege: Star Wars (Clone Wars Gambit) – this book is a continuation of the previous Clone Wars Gambit book by Karen Miller entitled Stealth.  You can read my review of that book here.

The story throughout both of these books is fantastic.  To date, these are my favorite books that take places during the Clone Wars or between Episodes 2 and 3.  We get to see lots of interaction between Obi-wan and Anakin during these books, along with Anakin and Padme’s hiding of their marriage, Palpatine’s manipulation of the Republic and of Anakin, as he grooms him for apprenticeship, and the coming downfall of Count Dooku as Palpatine prepares to replace him with Anakin.  These stories follow almost completely the canon storyline of the movies.

If you are a fan of this time era in the Star Wars Universe, you will not go wrong with reading these books.  And the books themselves seem elusive, I couldn’t find them at any of my local book shops, either used shops or new stores like Barnes and Noble.  I had to order them on Amazon via the links above.  But I have them in my collection now, that is what matters most.

Next step in the Star Wars Universe will be the reading of the true canon Clone Wars novels that follow the movie storyline instead of the popular TV Show that is now playing.  My questions about what happens to Ahsoka Tano and Asaj Ventriss still remain unanswered at this point in time.

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