Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Wild Space

This is the 2nd book in a series of 5 books that follow the storyline of the popular TV Show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  These books, as far as I can tell, do not follow the canonical storyline of the Star Wars Universe, at least not exactly.  Most everything is the same, but there are some added characters in these story lines that we do not see in the other books of this series.  I speak more about this fact in my post for The Clone Wars novel.

This book follows Obi-wan Kenobi and Senator Bail Organa into Wild Space, which is the designation for space outside of The Outer Rim and Inner Rim of charted space in the Galactic Republic.  Obi-wan discovers a Sith Planet, on which a Sith Temple is waiting with ancient artifacts from the Dark Side, which battle Kenobi both mentally and physically.

I liked that this story tied-in some Sith history, which we saw in the Darth Bane books, into the current Clone Wars timeline.  I got a feeling on continuity from the Sith history in this book that I have read in previous novels, but which is void from all of the movies.  I do like story continuity whenever possible, and that is one thing I am curious about as I move forward in these Star Wars books;  to see how, if any, the story line has changed over the years from the first-written books around Episodes 4-6, as compared to the latter-written books that revolve around the time of Episodes 1-3.

According to Yoda’s DataPad, these books fall between Episodes 2-3, but the specific order isn’t detailed in relation to the other Clone Wars Novel books.  My plan is to read the remaining 3 novels in this Clone Wars TV Show storyline, and then start with Republic Commando: Hard Contact.


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