The Theft of Swords

This was our August 2012 book of the month for Pageturner-Society.  It took me about a month to read, partially because I read so slow, but mostly because it is 2 books in one.  The total of the novel measures 664 pages in the Amazon Kindle version.  The first part of the book is introduced as “Book 1” and about half way through, after what seems the end of the story, it updates to “Book 2”.  Book 2 tells the continuation of a different story from book one, with the same main characters, but it is another tale unto itself.  Given that I read so slow, I would have liked to see these split into 2 actual books, but nevertheless, I enjoyed the read very much.

The premise of these books centers around 2 thieves who are hired for a job, and then betrayed and framed for murder of a king.  Through a random series of events, the thieves escape, make friends with the king’s son, the new heir of the throne, and help him take back his kingdom from those are actually murdered the king but framed the thieves for it.

In the second book, we follow Royce and Hadrian, the thieves, again into battle with noble guardians and knights of the church.  We find a helpful wizard, who also has a reputation for being evil, but is more interested in the truth than the nobles and monarchs in most of the lands they visit.  The epic battle in the end against a Gilarabrywn, a dragon of sorts, finds a new heir to the entire land in the story.  It also sets up questions and cliff-hangers for the next book in the trilogy.  I expect the next novel might also be 2 books because it shows to be over 800 pages in the Kindle edition.

I’m a new fan of these books.  I plan to purchase the 2nd and 3rd books in the series and look forward to reading them.  First I need to get back to reading some other novels that I can finish in a week because I spent way to long on this read.  But it was very worth it, I enjoyed the story immensely.

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