Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 Lucasarts is working on a new “mature” video game. Per Amazon, it is slated for release in December of 2013. So, of course, I’m wondering about books that will soon be written based on this series.  I’m guessing the “mature” part in the description will be for violence and graphic gore used in the game.

With such a long wait until the release of the game, 16 months at the time of this post, it provides Lucasarts plenty of time to find and assign authors to write some stories around the lore of this project and get some books published.  This time period in the Star Wars universe is a popular one right now, so I think books written around this game and characters within the game would sell well.  Hopefully it doesn’t earn the fate of the failed MMO, Knights of the Old Republic.

From Amazon:
Calling all Bounty Hunters! Star Wars 1313 is a brand new mature videogame franchise set in a never-before-seen world, the most dangerous place in the Star Wars galaxy. Level 1313 is a dark, vast subterranean metropolis beneath the surface of the planet Coruscant where the criminal underworld thrives. A third person action adventure game, players will take on the role of a lethal bounty hunter navigating through this ruthless world in a high-octane thrill ride.


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  1. […] many after the movie, I would expect.  I am still waiting to see what books might come from the new Star Wars 1313 game timeline.  My goal would be to get at least into the Legacy of the Force series, possibly all […]

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