Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars (Star Wars (Arrow Books)) – this is the first of 5 books (at the time of this post) that is based off of the popular cartoon by Lucasfilm, The Clone Wars.  If you enjoy the cartoon series, I really believe you will like this novel.

This novel was hard to find in Paperback form.  I collect Trade Market Paperbacks of all the Star Wars books and for some reason I had a hard time finding this one.  The hardback edition was readily available, but I don’t collect those.

In this novel we get to see the first time Anakin meets Ahsoka Tano, his Padawan Learner, who is featured in the popular cartoon.  The story takes place early in the Clone Wars, some time shortly after Star Wars: Episode 2, so this is likely our first introduction to Asajj Ventress and also to General Grievous.

As far as the story of this novel, I thought it was very well-written, and it help my attention throughout the entire book.  If you haven’t seen the cartoon, this story takes place early enough in the Clone Wars where you won’t miss anything by reading this novel first.  But I still highly recommend the Clone Wars cartoon series in addition to this book, and the next 4 in this series.

Now, having said all of that, my suspicion about this book, along with the entire Clone Wars cartoon series, is that it is an ‘alternate reality’ of sorts from the original storyline dealing with the Clone Wars between Episodes 2 and 3.  The original Clone Wars storyline, starting with Republic Commando: Hard Contact and ending with Order 66, are the storyline that follow the movies and the rest of the Star Wars universe novels.  Ironically, both of these books that I mentioned are all written by the same author, Karen Traviss.

I haven’t read this ‘original’ storyline books yet, but there are a few discrepancies that I have seen, which I will be watching for in the future as I read through this entire storyline:

  • Ahsoka Tano:  To my knowledge, Anakin Skywalker never had a Padawan.  There is no mention of her in any of the movies, or anywhere previous to the Clone Wars cartoon series.
  • Asajj Ventress:  Same as above.  Asajj is labeled a ‘Dark Jedi’ in the cartoon series, but she is a hopeful apprentice of Count Dooku who carries dueling red light sabres in these stories.  Later on in the storyline, Dooku accepts Ventress as his apprentice, which negates the Rule of Two law practiced by the Sith, set in place by Darth Bane, because Darth Sideous is still the Sith Lord throughout this series.
  • Not in this novel, but in the cartoon series, there are several meetings between Kenobi/Skywalker and either General Grievous or Count Dooku.  This contradicts statements made by the Jedi in Episode 3 during their ‘first’ meeting with Grievous and also when the meet Dooku for the last time.

I think these stories are fun and they follow the overall Star Wars universe, but there are obvious discrepancies.  I’ll be watching for these and commenting more on them as I go through this series of books.

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