Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – This book looked intriguing when I first saw it, but the reason I chose to read it now is because I wanted to get through it before I saw the movie, which was released just 3 1/2 weeks prior to my writing of this post.

This was a very interesting story and a very good read.  I like the way that the author spun historic facts into the story; facts about Lincoln himself and about the Civil War.  As a result of reading this book, I find myself wanting to pickup a few Lincoln biographies and read the real history about one of our most important Presidents.

I think that the character of Lincoln, while written well for purposes of this fiction novel, doesn’t actually live up to the other stories I have read about Lincoln.  Lincoln was a believer in Christianity, and as such, he prayed often.  He often spoke of God, in his memoirs and in his speeches, but in this book we see a darker side of him, a side that is lacking in Faith.  In my opinion, a more true-to-history version of Lincoln, a “God’s Warrior” portrait of his life, would have been a more effective vampire hunter in this book.  However, this book wasn’t written to be a Christian Fiction book, and no one reading my review should think that I am saying it is.  It certainly is not.  But regardless, it is a fascinating read, and a quick read, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I plan to pickup Seth Grahame-Smith’s newest book, Unholy Night, soon.  I’m a new fan of the author, and while I don’t agree exactly with his methods, I do believe him to be a fantastic story-teller.

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