Star Wars: Outbound Flight

Just finished this book.  It took me longer to read than normal just because of my current busy schedule, not because the story wasn’t intriguing.

I’ll have to rate this book up among the top of the novels I’ve read so far.  This story has some solid continuity between Obi-Wan and Anakin, Darth Sideous, Thrawn and some characters we hear about later, such as Lorana Jinzler.

This book introduces Thrawn, a Chiss Commander who is later recruited by Emperor Palpatine to be a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy.  We get to first see Thrawn in a series of books that take place after Episode 6, which are referred to as The Thrawn Trilogy.  Of course this trilogy was written several years before Outbound Flight, so this novel was a fantastic prequel to events that come later on.  Since I’m reading the books in order, I haven’t reached the Thrawn story line yet, but I am looking forward to it.

I often mention continuity.  I really enjoy it when stories tie together to make an overall larger story that can be continued via different authors and different mediums, over long periods of time.  The Star Wars stories started in the mid-1970s and the books continue to be written today.  It wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if the stories seemed to change, and discrepancies were overwhelming, making the chronology hard to understand.  Lucas Books does a good job in keeping this from happening.

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