Star Wars: Rogue Planet

This book started with a real bang, but I feel it slowed down too much in the middle.  The author describes in vivid detail the landscape of the world known as Zonama Sekot, and I felt somewhat lost trying to keep up with all of the descriptions.  The author is a scyfy author, and those guys tend to be very descriptive in their writings, so I felt that was par-for-the-course for a scyfy book.  However, we generally do not see much of this overly descriptive detail in the Star Wars Universe.  I could have lived without it, honestly.

The story does pick back up towards the end of the book, when the action starts happening again.  We get to see Anakin meet Tarkin for the first time, and we get a very small glimpse of the plans for the Death Star at the very end of the book.  The story in Rogue Planet has nothing to do with this, but for a short while I thought that was where it was going.  However, this is basically a stand-alone story in the SW Universe, with some mixtures of prequel scenes thrown in before Episode 1.

There is also an author interview at the end of the book where he describes his desire to portray Anakin’s gradual turn towards the Dark Side, which starts at an early age.  We see a short glimpse of that here.

I enjoyed this book, although it doesn’t really do much for supporting the overall storyline of Obi-Wan, Anakin and the Jedis during this time period.

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