The Devil in Pew Number Seven

Let me take a detour here for a minute.  This blog, while primarily about the Star Wars universe of science fiction, is also slated to be my permanent reading blog.  My goal is to write reviews here for all books that I read from this moment, forward.  Some will be fiction, some non-fiction, some biographies, some history (both fiction and non-fiction) and of course there will be Star Wars.  One subject area you will find here, that you might not find any many other venues dealing with Star Wars, is my reading and reviews of Christian Literature.  For years now, I have been a big fan of Christian Fiction, and have written many reviews on Amazon’s review pages for the stories I have enjoyed.

That I can recall, I’ve never read a story that made me cry.  Sure, I’ve cried at movies, and often in church sermons, but never at a book.  Like I said, at least not that I recall.  Today, that changed, however. The Devil in Pew Number Seven

This story is ammunition for the author of the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction”  This story honestly reads like a novel, not only in the content, but also in the way it was written.  It would be an easy read for both the experienced reader and for those of you who might not pick up a book too often.

We have Rebecca Nichols, writing her tale in the first-person, and recalling the accounts of her life as a child.  Her parents, being domestic missionaries, were leaders of a church in North Carolina.  Through a very odd series of events, Rebecca loses both of her parents at an early age and has the opportunity to face the men responsible for her loss, though not in an avenging scene, but rather in the court room and through verbal conversation.  The author is the personification of the verse, “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” -Matthew 6:14

This story is heart-gripping and it will keep you interested until the very end.  It made me want to Google Rebecca’s name and find additional information on her, just to read about the success of her book.  If you enjoy non-fiction, but want to read a novel-like book, then this one should be a good choice for you.  I would recommend this book to the believer or the non-believer.  As believers, I think we should make Rebecca’s attitude of forgiveness a yard-stick to measure our own lives against.

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