Star Trek: Cast No Shadow

This book just didn’t hold my attention, so it took me a while to finish it.  It started out good, but Spock was only in the first couple of chapters of the book, even though he is featured on the cover.   Star Trek: Cast No Shadow primarily focused on Valeris and a couple of other unknown Starfleet officers, and some Klingon Intelligence Agents.

I thought that the story was going to pickup where ST6 left off, and to some degree it did, but then it took a turn in another direction that I didn’t find all that appealing.  The story was based around a planet which the Klingons had captured and made the inhabitants their slaves, so it basically portrayed the Klingons as the repressive bad guys.  And I typically like the Klingons in these stories, but in the end the protagonists were defeated without ever really breaking free of the chains of the Klingons.  Sorry about the spoilers.

I’ve read better Star Trek books.  I’m glad I read this story, but looking back I probably should have just powered through it without taking so much time to finish it.  It won’t go down as one of my favorite stories.

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