Marvel and DC Comic Novel Timelines

A few years back I got on this kick to start reading Marvel/DC books.  No, not comic cooks, but actual Trade Paperback Novels with 300-400 pages and no graphics.  Graphic Novels are alright, but my main focus was on the actual books that put the Superheros that I grew up with into a more “adult” form of story.  Much like the popular Marvel and DC Comic Movies we are seeing come out of Hollywood lately, which draw all types of audiences, I wanted more stories to read about these characters.




DC Comics:
I didn’t find much in the DC realm.  Mostly Superman and Batman books, some Wonder Woman, one Justice League Book.  There were only 1 or 2 invloving The Flash and Green Lantern.  Not much more.  And from what I can tell, there hasn’t been much lately, as in the past 5 years or so, either.  I’ll put together a list of these eventually and post them up on the Pages directory at the top of this blog.


Marvel Comics:
Marvel had a much larger selection of books than DC.  Several trilogies, several cross-overs involving multiple heroes such as Spider-man and The Hulk, and several independant books.  I even found some older books dating back to the 1960s that were shorter reads (Hulk: Stalker from the Stars), but still fell into the genre I was looking for.  Most of these were out of print but I was able to pickup a few of them on ebay.
Most of the modern books dated from 1994-2000 in publication.  That list is on this website at the top, and I gathered most of this list from inside the cover of one of these books, I believe it was Codename: Wolverine, so I assume it is pretty accurate.  After 2000 I found only a couple of publications.  After starting this blog just a short while ago, I decided to re-investigate the timeline and publication of any newer stories that were out in the market, but I hadn’t heard of.  Sadly, I haven’t found anything yet.  I was quite surprised by this with the explosion of Marvel and DC movies as of late.  Of course I found novelization forms of all the movies, but nothing more.  No new stories involving our characters or heroes.  I’m still on the hunt, but after visiting 2 local comicbook shops and finding literally zero trade paperbacks, I am not hopeful of being able to add more titles to these lists or to my reading plans.

This is the current state of these books, as far as I can tell.  If I find any further updates or newer publications, I will post again about my findings and updates the lists I have.  I hoping this will be the case some day.

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