Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior

The fourth episode, Savior, takes place ten years after the events of Paragon.  This is the last episode we see that involves our current characters.  I realize that I am giving spoilers here, but this is a review, afterall 😀

While everything the Sith have done to the natives of the planet Kesh so far can be described as “evil”, this fourth installment in the storyline shows the Sith that most of us are used to seeing:  Sith turning on one another and fighting for power and leadership.  The native Keshiri people have a part in this conflict as well, as they finally start their insurrection after 12 years of planning.  Like any slaves, they want freedom from the repressive Sith.

I’m starting to enjoy these books a bit more now that I have come to know the characters more.  Too bad these characters won’t be seen again in the upcoming books.

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