Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn

With only 4 chapters in the book as a whole, it doesn’t give much time to actually tell a story.  I do like the author’s style, but I have to wonder why he is writing a series of short stories rather than just writing a novel that we can all dig deep into and enjoy.

The first 2 chapters of this book take place on the world of Kesh with some natives to the planet, and have nothing at all to do with the previous book.  It isn’t until the very end of the 2nd chapter that we realize how the natives tie into the crash-landed Sith.  When they all meet up in chapter 3, their dealings together and time getting to know one another seem rushed.  Again, I am not sure why the story needs to be crammed into 4 chapters.  The first 2 chapters are quite detailed for a short story, then the last 2 seem rushed.

I’m still enjoying the series overall.  However, I’m hoping to see a real 300+ page novel come out of the storyline after these short stories are done.


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