Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice

Yesterday started my grand adventure of reading every Star Wars book in the current time line.  I realize that new books are being written, and will continue arriving, within various places in the time line, so my OCD need to read everything in order will be shocked at some point.  And for the record, I do plan to go back and pickup new books as they arrive in the time line, if something new pops up that pre-dates my current location in my reading adventure.

But for now, we will start at the beginning –

This book started on a crashing ship after a battle and honestly it reminded me of a Star Trek novel for most of it.  With only 4 short chapters, there isn’t much time for character development or prologues, but I believe the author did a good job with the small space that he had.  And after all, it is a Short Story.

This is the first in a 6-book series, and it will continue with another 2 books which take place several years (actually centuries) later, after the Star Wars: The Old Republic series of books, which follow the new MMO Video Game.  I will enjoy seeing these characters develop and seeing how the universe was 5000 years before Luke Skywalker ever existed!

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