About This Blog

I decided to start this blog and write about the books that I read, and I decided that now was a good time because of a goal I just set for myself.  I am about to embark on a grand adventure and attempt to read ALL the Star Wars novels that are currently on the shelf.  I own probably about half of them already, and the others I will purchase as I go along, or as I find them at Half Price books.  I plan to start with the new ebook series, Lost Tribe of the Sith, and then continue into the Darth Bane series, then onto the novels leading up to Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

I imagine this will be a several year accomplishment, as I do not read that quickly or that often, but I am hoping that starting this blog entices me to pickup the books a little more regularly.  I might also read something in between all the Star Wars action, to take a break from the Sci-Fi world, so I will blog about that here also.

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